Reaction vs Response

Many of us are not aware that every moment you have a choice to react or respond to the stimuli present. Reactions happen when we are thinking or creating an emotion to what is here now. Responses occur when you are aware of the here and now. Reactions are you re-in-acting to some past memory or feeling that is not present. It’s very important to start to learn about how this effect every decision and ultimately the reflection life shows you.

Let’s take a deeper look at the two states of being.

1. Reactions form from patterns they play continuously.

2. Responses come here and now, and are free in will.

3. Reactions tend to be destructive because you are not in control of yourself but rather “reacting” out from past memories or stories or thoughts.

4. Responses empower you because you are choosing according to who you are now and not what has happened.

5. Reactions are fear based.

6. Responses come from the space of love.

Practicing being present is the easy way to instill the muscle memory of being “engaged”. Life is all about the push and pull, so when challenges appear remember to respond instead of react because you are simply changing form and there’s no reason to resist to change. Reactions form from fear of change but we cannot change what is changing, so just allow it to form naturally.

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