Situationship vs Relationship

Are you in a relationship? Or maybe a situationship? Let’s breakdown the difference and see how you fit in!

Situationships are built in relation to a connection and attachment. For example, the connection can be work and the attachment you both feel is you have to work together. The reason this is only a mere situationship is because if one of you moves departments or simply quits, the friendship ends.

Yes, there are definitely exceptions but the frequency of disconnect is significantly higher.

Relationships are built in relation to a connection without attachment. For example, the connection can be work again, and there’s no attachment to the job, so your bond has grown deeper.

We can all think of the many times this has and has not happened in our working history. So, it’s necessary to learn to discern the difference between situationships and relationships, so that you are clear on why people show up in your life.

I would also like to mention there’s nothing wrong with either type of relationship. It’s just important to understand they serve to beg different purposes in the life journey!

When conditions change, learn to let go! And love the ones that came and left! But also learn to give more love and appreciate the ones that will never leave! Once you find your balance of people, life will reveal more and more to you! Have a great day, year and decade! Love always YOURSELF!

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