The Body

What is the body?

The body is your physical structure, including flesh, bones, muscles & organs. Your body breaks down into many parts that work functionally together to get things done.

What’s an easy way to classify the body parts?

1. Upper Body: Arms, shoulders, chest and back

2. Center Body: Abdominal, obliques, and lower back

3. Lower Body: Pelvis, butt, front & back legs

4. Inside Body: Organs, heart & lungs

Why are the body parts grouped this way?

The upper body directs your perspective. The center body balances your center of attention. The lower body grounds you to earth. The inside body fuels your existence.

When you are in alignment with self, all parts work together to create meaningful experiences. When you fall out of alignment, complications occur, and energy is trapped inside the body. When energy is trapped, over thinking is commonly a byproduct. When over thinking, you are not present in the body.

What are some helpful tips for releasing this tension in the body?

Practice of functional movement, stretching, laughing and sitting still. Remember, your body is basic and works on a simple action or reactionary basics. Action releases tension and reactions hold tension.

Simply put… drink more water, eat more plants and USE YOUR BODY!

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