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"Hey guys! If you don’t already know me, Nikki. I’m a former track and field collegiate athlete . I’ve been a trainer a little over 1.5 years now and conduct weekly group training sessions called Body By Lati. I train with the Robot because he is what I call “The trainer’s trainer.” He pushes me past what I believe my limits are. At the end of every workout I’m spent, but feel super accomplished. Even trainers struggle with being motivated themselves sometimes but to me iRobotfit is the ultimate motivator and motivation for whatever your fit goals may be. The Robot has achieved his level of fitness with using JUST his body weight for a good majority of his program. But more importantly, the biggest difference to his training approach is that he’s heavily focused on energy and connection with his clients and being in the present with his workouts. I recommend the iRobotFit training to everyone, beginners through advanced. Quality simple workouts that results in gainz for all!"



"iRobotFit changed my life! This is the best training program around! It's so simple and easy, yet the results are massive! I mean look at me now!!! I recommend iRobotFit to any and everyone that is serious about changing their life!"


"Hi! My name is Thomas Turner. I am a trainer and fighter that has been working with the robot trainer, John Do for a little less than 10 years now, and he has helped corner my fights and correct my eating habits and training flaws. I am devoted to iRobotFit, and it has transformed my life in all aspects. I am 100% testimony that the iRobotFit program is how you should bend your body and find your identity to realize life is automatic."




"This is one of the best workouts of my life! If you don't know who iRobot is, you better ask about him... And I mean that. That's it."


"As many of you know, I've been on a pretty intense fitness journey and while you all see the physical element of it, there have been 3 major things that have contributed to my body transformation. Number 1 is my trainer @irobotfit and number 2 is the most important thing he has taught me which has been the art of meditating. He taught me use meditation and my mental capacity to physically change my body. Those that don't understand it would think it was legit magic but us robots secretly have special powers."


"Working with John is incredible! As a trainer he pushes me past my limits of what I think I can do! I’ve been working with him for 5 years and it’s been a life changing experience!"