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iROBOTFIT launched in January 2013. Starting at a young age, John Do was an elite athlete playing in various sports as Team Captain of his football and basketball team to practicing mixed martial arts. At a young age, he wanted to train to develop his body.


In 2008, he had been in a series of accidents including being hit by a semi-truck on the side of the road. His body was broken and had many aches, soft tissue injuries and physical pain. He was also diagnosed with scoliosis from the accident. For almost three years of going to physical and massage therapy, a chiropractor and taking pharmaceutical prescriptions, he realized none of the treatments were working. He took it upon himself to rebuild his own mind, body and spirit to get stronger. Only he was able to do it. He started to feel himself from the inside out, feeling and refining each movement and transforming into a robot using automatic muscle memory. His life became automatic and at this time he knew he wanted to share the message and help others transform.


John’s first transformation was his stubborn brother. His brother did not have the motivation or the drive but slowly found it. He lost 125 pounds and knew he couldn’t do it without John. He knew he had to make the change inside and out and did! John taught him quality form and balance by practicing repetition and changing his body by creating muscle memory. This was the creation of iROBOTFIT.


iROBOTFIT is based in Los Angeles, California.



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